Ms. Carlson founded Catherine Carlson LLC in 2006 to fulfill her goal of building a new type of decorating firm; one that could provide a high level of professional service while still maintaining direct personal interactions and a unique hands on experience for her clients.

She believes that everyone has their own personal style and that that style should be reflected in their home and in their surroundings. Cat sees it as her mission to help her clients discover their own distinctive "vision". To do this, she believes an iterative and interactive process of idea sharing and knowledge transfer between client and designer is absolutely necessary.

In order to fulfill her and her clients’ expectations, Catherine feels strongly that she needs to know each of her clients on a personal level, how they live, what they love and what makes them feel comfortable in their home. Through this process she creates a home that is both a showplace and a haven from the outside world.

Catherine describes herself as a modern traditionalist.  She believes the key to her approach is taking beautiful traditional styles and making them clean and relevant to today’s lifestyles.  Traditional style does not need to be boring or stuffy, it can be fresh and comfortable while still retaining its elegance.
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